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Good morning my respectful lecturer and my beloved friend. First of all, I want to say thanks to God for the blessing that enable us to gather here in the wonderful occasion. It is good honor for me to deliver a speech in front of you. My name is Christin, and today I would like to deliver a speech by the title How to Preserve Indonesian Cultures.
Ladies and gentlemen
Based on oxford dictionary, culture is the art and other manifestations of human intelektual achievement regarded collectively. Culture formed of numerous complicated elemnts, including religion and politic languages, building, clothes, norm and artwork.
Ladies and gentlemen
We need to know that Indonesia is a great nation. Indonesia has an abundant of natural resourshes and a various of arts and cultures in each province. However nowadays, along with the progress of the times, the spirit of young generation to preserve Indonesian culture is beggining to fade. It is caused by the magnitude of the influence of globalization, the progress of science and technology and the antry of foreign cultures. They cause a decrease of youth awareness to preserve the cultural values of our country.
Ladies and gentlemen
If we are always being so apathetic in this case, indonesia cultures begin to fade. Moreover, if we don’t keep Indonesian cultures and arts, other countries will claim our culture as their own. The goverment of Indonesia has done many efforts to preserve Indonesia culture. They establish the Department of education and cultures, who is responsible for managing the problems of Indonesian culture. Not only establish that department, the Government of Indonesia also have published more than 108 governing Indonesian culture. So as the young generation of this country, what should we do?
Ladies and gentlemen
The first step to solve this problem is by increasing a spirit of natioalism. We have to love domestic products and appreciate the tradition. There are many people who don’t appreciate the artworks of Indonesian artist, and not interested in preserving our culture.
Ladies and gentlemen
The second step is we have to selective againts the influence of globalization. Based on Wikipedia, globalization is the way that local or national ways of doing things become global, thats is done together around the world . It is about economics or trade, technology, politics and culture. We should take the positive one and don’t let the negative impacts.
Ladies and gentlemen
Finally the conclusion of my speech is, mostly young generation in our country don’t care about the fadding culture of Indonesia. This is due to the magnitude of the effects of globalization, the entry of  foreign culture to our country and the lack nationalism. In my opinion, we have to increase a spirit of nationalism by loving Indonesian domestic products and tradition. We also have to selective against the influence of globalization, to avoid the negative impacts of foreign culture. Let’s save our culture do the best for our country. That’s all, thank you very much for your attention. Apologise if I made any mistake. Good morning.

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My Activities During a Week

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Wednesday 10 May 2017, in the morning has been busy with the reports and journals. On wednesday I have a college math, the material the math is associated with chemical material, this is because teachers who teach is a professor of chemistry physically. The report, with a journal I haven't done that morning, so on the sidelines of the study I've been working on journals and report on the sly, even though there is fear for fear of being scolded if caught hehe πŸ˜‚πŸ˜. After finishing college math, I and my friends who haven't finished the journal and a report continue the report and the journal to nearly at the lab work. Fortunately I am not too late, if it's too late the value of us will be reduced. Practice I have to did quite a long time because we immediately discuss the discussion and the calculation until afternoon. After finishing the lab work me and my friends are planning to go to EXPO to visit stand-stand and doing the task English. Because a lot of my friends who have not done, then I eat first. because it does not have a meal from pies.The weather on the day it does not support, it's raining so hard that I have to wait for the rain stopped. I'm waiting for the rain to stop at Kedai France, and at the time at the diner I was surprised that my friends at the diner said that the EXPO is over. and I feel upset because the schedule is listed, said as the EXPO close at 9 pm. But what's happening? Apparently EXPO is closed prior to the schedule circulated and I can only take a picture Auditorium that have been blank.

The next day, thursday, 11 May 2017, a day off. I'm pretty happy because it is holiday so I can wake up late Thursday that the exercises makes cookies at home mom Winda. We exercise because on Monday I, ma'am winda and with two friends of mine will be cooking demonstrations hehe, just make a cake it's simple. The weather on that day did not support, the weather is cloudy and all of a sudden heavy rains fell. Rain it made me stuck in my mom's house, so it can not go home. I want to go home because I have an appointment with my sister and cousin's sister that we were going to eat at the mall, my cousin's sister's birthday hehe. While waiting for the rain to stop me and my friend make mango juice, although the rain we still drink the ice. After the rain stopped, I saw mango young mom winda, and before going home I took a mango the young to be brought to the house.
Arriving at home, the rain back hard and we just wait for rain. The rain is quite long until I fell asleep and was woken up because of rain has stopped and we went to the mall to eat and hangout hahhaπŸ˜„πŸ˜Œ.

 Friday 12 May 2013, today is the day of the journal. Where is Saturday I was the lab work of the organic, that his name off but the fact is not. I was tired, because the lab work is not sitting but rather stand up and back and forth to take the material to be used and that makes for a long time at the lab work is the creation of the solution, because the tools used by limited so we need to line up first waiting for their turn. That day is the time I wash clothes that have been piling up hehe, after all right I went to the library for a moment to look for the material, after looking for material I went straight home and do the journal. Throughout the day up at 1:00 am I doing the journal.  The journal is finished and I slept because I'm tired.

Saturday, May 13, 2017, yes today is the day of the lab work, it's just the materials they will we use is made by groups before, so that the lab work we do tidal long as usual. Practice  is outside the lab because at the lab A full and there is a student study program that took the material back and forth in a laboratory A, there was actually a laboratory B, but laboratory B was in the process of renovation because the chemistry department what it will raise the accreditation to A. alright back to the lab work, over the lab work I went straight home, take a shower, eat and rest because the lab work for me is very tiring.

Sunday 14 May 2017, right on this day I followed the activities of departments of OT (Orientation Training) , first I didn't want to go because of feel like getting up too early and want to get some rest, but because a lot of friends who engage and may seem fun so I decided to follow the activity. The activity was begining at 8 am to 11:30 am. In the event we were given material on how to organize a good by speakers who is great and a lot of keseruan the other I got it OT I went to the house mom winda to take the manga and prepare goods and materials to be taken to the cape. Everything is done and I came back home, got home we just eat the manga young I go to mom winda to abdominal pain hehehe. After that I share a little journal and the report.

Monday 15 May 2017, yes the day I've been waiting for the following activities department of PKM (Community To Public). I, Tia, and Uum to Mom Winda to follow the activities in there. To go to tanjung saleh must use the boat through river kapus. In all the way towards the village a lot of coconut trees lined up along the way and Nipah is located on the banks of the river. Nipah island, this is what we used as raw material to make a cake, because of the cape's pious rich in Nipah, so be it a PKM. In addition to the Nipah are also teachers who do a PKM of essential oils lemongrass leaf, how the benefits and many more. In addition to a coconut tree and Nipah, I also saw a monkey on the edge of the river I'm looking for to eat or drink, namunlain with a bang Domir, in addition to the " bang Domir also see an alligator very large on the edge of the river. It's making a bang domir imagine the scale of the ticking crocodile.Up in the cape saleh, we directly to give the palm fresh and delicious. After dinner we went ahead with the activities of PKM us to the community, the people there are very excited to follow our activities and completion activity, we will immediately take care of things and go home.

Tuesday 16 May 2017, today I'm selling in the college to find funds for  birthday HIMKI at the time SBMPTN, we started selling from morning till till 2:00 pm. But I came home early because I have to look for the material for the report and the journal I and brother I want to use motorcycles. That's it look for the material I went back home and got home I went to bed rest for a minute. Wake up sleeping I'm working on journals and reports again.

on Wednesday, 17 May 2017, today is a long day. in the morning the college, finish college went ahead with a report has not been completed and it was time the lab work. Praktikum began the 1:00 pm, but till 1:00 the equipment we've been in check by his assistant, equipment our group, and members of our present all even though there is a little late for it. Praktikum that we do a long time because materials that will be used has been prepared by the class A. Praktikum we're fast, but we went slow because we still have other friends to a discussion, so we's late. Go home from the lab work I don't crash, but to a report to be collected on Thursday and on that day I only slept one hour. It's making me less enthusiastic because it is quite tiring if often to bed late.

That's my activity for a week at around by the report.πŸ˜†πŸ˜…

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Hello guys, how are you today?... I hope you are good. Okay guys, everyone must have a dream and some futures. Whats your dream and futures guys?... Do you have some futures? like a business?..yes, i think you thinking about that now. Okay i want to tell you about my futures especially about business. I have a dreams, i wan to be a lecture. But, In addition want to be a professor, I also want to have other business. I want to have business a beauty salon. I think treatment your body is important. With the beauty salon, especially for women, they can doing the treatment that she still looked younger. The beauty salon also will be made as and as unique as possible and the cost of the standard for many visitors who are interested in doing the treatment at a beauty salon that I have.At the time of the opening of the first, the salon will also give you a discount for visitors who do care at least 1 million rupiah. We will also provide the facility as comfortable as possible for the visitors who had a kid. There will be a playground for children yanh in living parents his care. Thsibeauty salon is not only for women, but for men too. I think with the beauty salon, I can increase my income and I can doing the treatment for free when I want to.And the name of a beauty salon is chrisbeauty.πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’†πŸ’…πŸ’‡

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Robots Competition

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Christina Dasilia H1031161076
Bertha Juniarti Antomy H1031161010

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Hello everybody...... You know what the make up?...
Are you used to the make makeup
Yeayy makeup is familiar in the daily of women. Yeah, women usually used to makeup while she go to the office, maybe shopping, go to the campus  and many activities she will do, but many womens not  like used to make up because she pereferred to look natural. But there are also used to the makeup very much and i don't like it. I think makeup can change women to be very beautiful because makeup can cover acne scars and skin dull.The face is initially not too beautiful, could turn into beautiful because makeup. It is the power of make up, you know the korean drama?... In korean drama in title scarlet heart ryeo, you can see the power of make. So i want to show you the tutorial of makeup, i get this video from youtube, first we use the foundation before we use the powder, second we use the powder, after that we spray our face with the special water for our face, next we use blush on for our cheeks, then we spray our face with the special water for our space, then we use eye shadow, aftr that we you eyeliner.. I think we must be careful while we use that, and the last we use the maskaraπŸ‘€πŸ‘€.. So.. I hope you enjoy with this video.. And you can learn how to makeupπŸ˜„πŸ˜„

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Ask an Expert 😊

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Hello everybody today I want talking about expertise. Everyone must have special expertise from within their own, although sometimes the person in not aware the she/ he has an expertise. The expertise was in the form of skill in the field of technology, academic (arts and sports) as well as acdemic literature, even magic also including ab expertise. Here I interviewed my lecturer her name is  Winda Rahmalia. She is a lecturer the course of kinetics of chemical, thermodynamics and balance, basic chemicals, chemical surface, chemical substances, and chemistry of inorganic materials. She is a graduate of the undergraduate Tanjungpura University fields of Chemistry, S2 of the Satya Wacana Christian University science Bioligi, Chlorophyll, and Pigments The Nature, S3 ENSIACET-INP Toulouse, France the field of Agroindustri. Mom Winda has  expertise in the fields of writing or write, according to her by writing we can pour the ideas that exist in our minds, because the idea sometimes is not being delivered orally, then made with the words so that it can in the analysis of what the problem is and how a solution to deal with it. She started writing since attending college in the 3 semester  and now she had attended a writing competition the national level by getting the champion 2nd, she also has published a book to high school student is about energy and enrichment for the class 1 to 3 have been published by DIKBUD and has disseminated throughout indonesia.In additionally, she also wrote several scientific article in the form of the journal, one of them is Bixin Adsorption Characteristic on TiO2. Not quite there, ma'am Winda will also be applied hopefully this year in the scale of the laboratory and that is already in production is cosmetics in the form of cream face against UV that have been produced in the scale of the laboratory in France.

Come on friends we raise the expertise we have to continue to learn and don't be afraid to fail, because failure is owned by the weak.πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜†πŸ˜„πŸ˜‡πŸ˜˜

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Hello guys, did you ever wonder if you can't live without somethng? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜€
Have you ever wonder if in this world there is no electricity at all?....
Electricity is very important for human life, because of that we have to be thankful to God.
I can't imagine if the electricity is not found by the sir of Michael Faraday, the world is going to be dark and quiet like no life, there's only a sound of the animal that is disturbing night to lighting the flame.
It's a lot of things to do without electricity as a cook rice and cooking water, we can do it without electricity, but not all we can do.
We could miss the information if there is no electricity, we can't knowing how the state of the world now, how's the economy now, how the problem of education now, we can not access it without electricity. If we want to know a news and we have to go to the site, it will spend a lot of expenses. If there is no electricity we can not easily share the information to other countries, if we only rely on mail it will take a very long time and will hinder the country's development. So how important it is electricity in life, so get used to it the power with as good and as clever as possible.


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