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Ask an Expert 😊

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Hello everybody today I want talking about expertise. Everyone must have special expertise from within their own, although sometimes the person in not aware the she/ he has an expertise. The expertise was in the form of skill in the field of technology, academic (arts and sports) as well as acdemic literature, even magic also including ab expertise. Here I interviewed my lecturer her name is  Winda Rahmalia. She is a lecturer the course of kinetics of chemical, thermodynamics and balance, basic chemicals, chemical surface, chemical substances, and chemistry of inorganic materials. She is a graduate of the undergraduate Tanjungpura University fields of Chemistry, S2 of the Satya Wacana Christian University science Bioligi, Chlorophyll, and Pigments The Nature, S3 ENSIACET-INP Toulouse, France the field of Agroindustri. Mom Winda has  expertise in the fields of writing or write, according to her by writing we can pour the ideas that exist in our minds, because the idea sometimes is not being delivered orally, then made with the words so that it can in the analysis of what the problem is and how a solution to deal with it. She started writing since attending college in the 3 semester  and now she had attended a writing competition the national level by getting the champion 2nd, she also has published a book to high school student is about energy and enrichment for the class 1 to 3 have been published by DIKBUD and has disseminated throughout indonesia.In additionally, she also wrote several scientific article in the form of the journal, one of them is Bixin Adsorption Characteristic on TiO2. Not quite there, ma'am Winda will also be applied hopefully this year in the scale of the laboratory and that is already in production is cosmetics in the form of cream face against UV that have been produced in the scale of the laboratory in France.

Come on friends we raise the expertise we have to continue to learn and don't be afraid to fail, because failure is owned by the weak.😁😁😆😄😇😘

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Hello guys, did you ever wonder if you can't live without somethng? 😂😀
Have you ever wonder if in this world there is no electricity at all?....
Electricity is very important for human life, because of that we have to be thankful to God.
I can't imagine if the electricity is not found by the sir of Michael Faraday, the world is going to be dark and quiet like no life, there's only a sound of the animal that is disturbing night to lighting the flame.
It's a lot of things to do without electricity as a cook rice and cooking water, we can do it without electricity, but not all we can do.
We could miss the information if there is no electricity, we can't knowing how the state of the world now, how's the economy now, how the problem of education now, we can not access it without electricity. If we want to know a news and we have to go to the site, it will spend a lot of expenses. If there is no electricity we can not easily share the information to other countries, if we only rely on mail it will take a very long time and will hinder the country's development. So how important it is electricity in life, so get used to it the power with as good and as clever as possible.

Jumat, 17 Maret 2017


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Hello, everyone my name is Christina Dasilia. I want to tell you about my skill. I think my skill in the field of public speaking.I include people who are choosy, and I would like to talk in public even though sometimes a little bit how.I was never joined the race about public speaking as the debate and speech, but I went to the organization can exercise my speaking.The activities and organizations I've ever done and that I'm gon na follow up to now that is like doing a presentation in front of the class, to participate in osis middle school, extracurricular scouts in high school, giving the boy scouts to junior, to builder scout.I also used to be a builder scout in elementary school and middle school. I teach kids about the boy scouts and give the game about the boy scouts. In addition, I used to be the camp, where I interacted with participants. Indirectly, I've done public speaking to the participants. I've also been involved in the theater and a very stressful is at the time of presentation in front of a lecturer on Competition of Wrote Science.I'm proud of and Grateful to the ability that God gave to me and I will try to develop the ability that has been in anugerahkan to me.

Minggu, 12 Maret 2017


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A. Warm Up
     Work with a partner or in small groups. Discuss the questions below
1. How many electronic devices have you used in the past 24 hours ? list them
    Answer : I used at least 8 electronic devices , there are : AC, television, fan, fridge,                     laptop, iron, rice cooker, smartphone.
2. What activities do robots do today ? What other things would you like them to do ?
    Answer : Nowadays, robots cook rices, air conditioning, freshing foods and vegetables. I         would be     great if robots could give some treatment for my hair so i unnecessary to get         to salon. 
3. Are there certain things we should always do for ourselves? What? Why?
    Answer : Yes there are, like swept the floor wash the cloths. Because if robots do it for me       , its can     make me be a lazy people.

A. Scanning and skimming
1. Adopt 
    - to take another person’s child legally into your own family to raise as your own child.
    - to accept or begin to use something.
    - If an organization adopts a rule, it votes to accept it.

2. Effort
    - phisycal or mental activity needed to achieve something, or an attempt to do        something.

3. Aid 
    - help or support, or something that provides it.
    - Aid is often used to refer to help give the form of of food, money, medical                               supplies, etc., to a country or group of people that is in need or because of         an                 emergency.   

4. Force
    - physical, often violent, strength or power
    - A force is a power that causes an object to move or thatchanges movement.

5. Career
    - a job for which you are trained and in which it is possible to advance during your                 working life, so that you get greater responsibility and earn more money. 

6. Oppose
    - to disagree with something, often by speaking or fighting against it.

7. Code
    - a system for representing information with signs or symbols that are                                       not ordinary language, or the signs or symbols themselves.

8. Potential
    - possible but not yet achieved.

9. Doubt
    - a feeling of not knowing what to believe or what to do, or thecondition of                                 being uncertain.
10. Serve
      - (esp. of a person working in a restaurant or store) to help acustomer by getting                     what someone needs or by showing or selling goods, or to provide food or drinks to a           customer or guest.                        
      - To serve is also to provide an area or group of people with something that is needed.

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Hello my name is Christina Dasilia you can call me Christin or Itin. I was born in Cimanggis ,Januari 18th 1998. I graduated from Senior High School number One Sekadau. After gradueted from high school, I continued my study at University of Tanjupura Pontianak. I passed throught mandiri test and I registered the SNMPTN and SBMPTN test too. SNMPTN test is the test to go into a university that be selected by report score whereas the SBMPTN test is according the real test that be held in Indonesia at the same time. At SNMPTN test I joined bidikmisi scholarship program. The major which I choose was pharmacy and industrial engineering in Tanjungpura University and industrial engineering Sebelas Maret University, In SBMPTN test I choose the same major and same University too thought bidikmisi program. By the lucky is not in me, finally I decided to choose mandiri test. Actually in that test i wanted to choose the same major like before, but I was afraid so i choose chemistry and science and food technologi in Tanjungpura University. When the annoucement is out, I am really happy and relieve that I passed in chemistry eventhought I am not good in that lesson. After that, I tried to register the bidikmisi scholarship again, finally thank to God that I got that scholarship. My reason why i continue my study to university because I want make my parents proud of me, I want to be an educated person, to get a good job,I want be a succes person and i wanted to show that a child of farmer can become a succeful person.

Sabtu, 10 Oktober 2015

Pohon Pinang

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Pohon Pinang
Pohon pinang ini merupakan pohon pinang tertinggi di suatu kampung, kampung tersebut bernama tebelian mangkang,yang berada di kabupaten Sekedau provinsi Kalimantan Barat. Umur pohon ini sudah lebih dari setengah abad dan tinggi pohon ini diperkirakan kurang lebih 50 m. Sampai sekarang ini belum ada orang yang pernah memanjat pohon ini,
Berikut bagian-bagian dari pohon tersebut:
1.Ini adalah batang dari pohon pinang tersebut. Walaupun memiliki batang yang kecil, tapi pohon ini tetap berdiri kokoh sampai sekarang, meskipun ada pohon-pohon disekitarnya sebagai penunjang pohon tersebut.

2.Dan ini adalah bagian dari akar pohon pinang tersebut,bisa dilihat begitu kokohnya pohon pinang ini sehingga masih hidup sampai sekarang ..dan umurnya saja sudah lebih dari setengah abad.

3. Ini adalah gambar dari pohon pinang tersebut jika di lihat dari kejauhan

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Cara Menambah Tinggi Badan

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  • Streching
  • Ini merupakan salah satu cara menambah tinggi badan. Sabis bangun tidur, lakukan streching. Gerakan menendang masing-masing kaki 75 kali. Untuk hasil yang maksimal, setelah itu minum susu yang mengandung kalsium tinggi. Sebelum tidur Anda dapat melakukan streching di tempat tidur. Dengan Posisi tidur dan semua badan ditarik. Kemudian tidur dengan pola yang benar.

  • Berenang
  • Dengan mealkukan olahraga yang rutin seperti berenang, basket, bersepeda, dan sebagainya adalah cara alami untuk menambah tinggi badan. Berenang sudah banyak dikenal memiliki manfaat untuk menambah tinggi badan. Berenang dapat membuat tubuh menjadi lebih fleksibel. Lakukan berenang setiap hari minimal 30 menit.

  • Yoga
  • Anda dapat melakukan yoga untuk menambah tinggi badan. Lakukan yoga secara rutin dengan diiringi musik slow atau bisa menggunakan headset. Atur pernapasan yang benar pada setiap gerakan. Minum susu yang berkalsium tinggi. Sore hari Anda bisa bersepeda. Sebelum tidur lakukan sedikit yoga di atas tempat tidur dan dengan diringi musik slow. Atur pengaturan pernapasan yang benar. Tidur dengan pola yang benar.

  • Bersepeda
  • Bersepada merupakan cara menambah tinggi badan yang dapat dilakukan dengan mudah. Hal ini karena gerakan kaki pada saat mengayuh , otok kaki akan terstimulasi dan pada akhirnya dapat menambah tinggi badan dengan cepat. Lakukan bersepeda setidaknya 10-15 menit per hari.

  • Melompat
  • Sama halnya dengan bersepeda, dengan melompat maka otot kaki akan terstimulasi yang pada akhirnya membuat tubuh menjadi lebih tinggi. Oleh karena itu melompat sangat cocok untuk dilakukan pada saat sebelum tidur dan bersepada pada pagi atau sore hari.

  • Tidur dengan pola yang benar
  • Sering kali seseorang tidur dengan posisi yang salah yang dapat menyebabkan postur tubuh menjadi tidak benar, seperti tubuh yang bungkuk dan sebagainya. Posisi tidur yang benar adalah terlentang, kepala menghadap keatas, kaki lurus, serta tidak menggunakan bantal yang terlalu tinggi.

  • Tidur secara teratur dan hindari begadang
  • Jika Anda sudah berolahraga dengan susah payah dan Anda begadang pada malam harinya, maka jerih payah Anda berolahraga menjadi sia-sia. Hal ini karena hampir 95% pertumbuhan manusia terjadi pada saat keadaan tidur. Pada saat keadaan beraktivitas secara normal, terjadi lonjakan hormon pertumbuhan manusia yang cenderung terjadi sekitar satu sebelum waktu tidur. Maka untuk itu tidur secara teratur adalah hal yang wajib dilakukan untuk menambah tinggi badan.

  • Mencukupi kebutuhan kalsium
  • Kalsium adalah mineral yang penting bagi pertumbuhan tulang, antara lain untuk metabolisme tubuh, penghubung antar saraf, mencegah osteoporosis, kinerja kerja jantung, pergerakan otot, dan sebagainya. Sumber kalsium terdapat pada makanan seperti : telur, pisang, susu, keju, yogurt, dan masih banyak lagi.

  • Hindari makan sebelum tidur
  • 2 jam sebelum tidur usahakan untuk tidak makan, hal ini dikarenakan makan sebelum tidur dapat memicu hormon insulin yang dapat menghambat distribusi hormon pertumbuhan badan.

  • Hindari mengkonsumsi makananpenghambat pertumbuhan tulang
  • Kurangi mengkonsumsi makanan yang mengandung lemak dalam jumlah yang banyak, junkfood, gorengan. Hindari juga minuman bersoda, mengandung kafein, alkohol karena dapat menghambat hormon pertumbuhan manusia atau HGH dan memperlambat penyerapan kalsium yang sebagaimana tentunya menghalangi pertumbuhan tulang. Anda dapat minum susu sebagai sumber kalsium bagi tubuh.

  • Menjaga postur tubuh
  • Untuk menjaga bentuk tulang belakang, hendaknya untuk tetap menjaga postur tubuh kita agar tidak terlihat bungkuk. Ketika sedang duduk, menulis di meja, ataupun berjalan. Sebisa mungkin untuk menjaga jaga postur dalam posisi tegak agar hal tersebut tidak mempengaruhi bentuk tulang belakang.

  • Cukupi nutrisi dalam tubuh
  • Mencukupi protein, vitamin dapat membantu untuk menambah tinggi badan dengan cepat. Sumber makanan yang dapat mempercepat pertumbuhan tulang seperti yoghurt, telur, susu, keju, daging yang merupakan sumber dari zinc, magnesium, dan chromium kalsium yang baik untuk pertumbuhan tulang.


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